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Saad Aziz is an actor, musician, and creative writer based in Riyadh

A rising star in the entertainment industry who has left an indelible mark with his exceptional acting skills and captivating performances. From his debut in the critically acclaimed TV series “Ureem” to his recent role as "Waleed" in the hit series "Sikkat Safar 2," Saad has garnered a dedicated fan following. With a passion for storytelling, Saad's on-screen presence exudes charisma and authenticity, captivating audiences with his realistic approach to acting.

Beyond acting, Saad has ventured into the world of music, creating the viral hit song "Estamr" for the series “Ureem.” With a keen interest in fashion, interior design, and music, Saad's artistic endeavors extend beyond the realm of acting. As he aspires to work on international projects, Saad's undeniable talent, dedication, and down-to-earth personality position him to make a significant impact in the acting industry.


TV & Film



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